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What's this?

This tool counts the number of times a symbol is found in a file. (Currently, it only looks at byte symbols, i.e. byte values from 0 to 255). The purpose of this is to illustrate how a side effect of most compression algorythms is that one symbol, or group of symbols, is not biased, or found more frequently in a file. Below are some examples:


Declartion of Independance

Notice how you see LOTS of a-z and A-Z and no binary, this is how text files always look.

Declartion of Independance - Zip

Declartion of Independance - GZip



This image as a bitmap

(Notice how the image is mostly black, and so you get LOTS of 0's (almost 600,000 bytes of zero's). 0 is the default byte value for a black pixel in an 8 bit bitmap.

Same image as a png

Same image as a gif

Same image as a jpeg