1. Upload An Image

Or, choose our white or gray template.
Note:Use Google Image Search to find a starting image.

2. Choose and Place Text

Text Style:
Enter your text and then drag the marker to where you want your text.
Note:The draggable markers will not be visible once you save your image.
Line 1:
Line 2:
Line 3:
Line 4:
Line 5:

3. Choose Text Color


Refresh Image | Right Click and Select "Save Image As" to save the image to your desktop and then use it to create a flair on facebook.
Don't forget that flair will let you zoom in and out.

Some of my favorites:

Note: The button shape is made when you upload the image you create here to flair on facebook.
We don't do it here, because it would look weird if we did it, and then Flair on Facebook did it again.

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